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CXECaudwell Xtreme Everest (expedition)
CXECommon XML (Extensible Markup Language) Envelope (computing)
CXEComputer to External Environments Interface
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The XML specification itself is published as a schema, which allows for validation of XML files within many common XML tools and frameworks.
Since this depth is generally not depending on the document size and common XML documents are relatively shallow (99% of XML documents have fewer than 8 levels whereas the average depth is 4 according to (20)), the memory requirements for most of the XML documents are constant, independent to the document size.
The integrated newsroom environment will supply those various channels' content from a common XML repository.
Thus, many different organizations needing to purchase supplies could use a common XML, even if they use different software to manage their accounts receivable, accounts payable, and delivery management (Cooke, 2001).
Once identified, the system applies common XML format structure and UTF-8 encoding.
And while some industry consortiums have successfully developed common XML definitions for inter-company data exchanges, other industries still struggle over adopting XML standards for their business.