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CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
CMIPCoupled Model Intercomparison Project
CMIPCenter for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
CMIPCommon Management Interface Protocol
CMIPComprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plan (US DHHS)
CMIPCorporate Management Information Program
CMIPCanadian Milk-recording Information (Project)
CMIPCapability Maintenance and Improvements Project (US DOE)
CMIPCorrective Measure Implementation Plan (quality control)
CMIPCash Management Investment Pool
CMIPCommand Model Installation Program
CMIPCurrent Month Invoicing Process (Sprint)
CMIPClient Mobile Internet Protocol
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The Vertel Cougar EML Manager Platform is an object-oriented development environment that harnesses the power of Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) and the Association Control Service Element (ACSE) for building complex network management systems quickly and efficiently.
Orbit is a toolkit for building Network Element Managers and Q-Adapters such as TL-1 mediation to Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP).
Vertel products adhere to open standards and offer full function applications suites such as the OSI Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP), FTAM (for software downloading) and Virtual Terminal (for remote login).
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