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CKACongregation Kol Ami (Jewish organization; various locations)
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CKAColorado Karate Association
CKAAtlantic Croaker (FAO fish species code)
CKACentre Karaté Ardéchois (French martial arts school)
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Seven packets of Narcotic Drugs i.e Amphetamines commonly known as 'YABA' consisting of 14000 tablets were seized from their possession.
Sobble is Gen 8's water-type starter Pokemon and is more commonly known as the "water lizard Pokemon." This Pokemon is somewhat timid and attacks opponents while hiding itself in water. Sobble can camouflage itself when it touches any body of water and is known to use its sweat to disappear after getting nervous or embarrassed.
Wooloo is a normal-type Pokemon and is commonly known as the "sheep Pokemon." This Pokemon is usually used for its wool as it grows at an increased rate.
'If Japan has Cherry Blossoms, BUKIDNON has 'Tabebuia Impetiginosa' commonly known as 'PINK TRUMPET TREE,'' wrote Romnick S.
BEIRUT: The Health Ministry warned the public Friday about the dangers of the H1N1 virus, after a number of cases emerged of people suffering from what is commonly known as swine flu.
"Unlike nearly all of their peers providing capital markets transactions, Nationwide is willing lock the interest rate upon application without a separate hedge agreement in what is commonly known as a 'life company' rate lock."
The next phase in the cycles of a woman's life are commonly known as "the childbearing years" This phase encompasses our twenties, thirties, and early forties.
OF all the late spring flowers the aquilegias, commonly known as columbines, must be one of the best, with their wonderful range of flower colours and their unobtrusive habit of growth.
2 What is calcium carbonate more commonly known as?
To reach this goal, the landlord's accountant will increase the variable operating expense figures using a formula commonly known as "Grossing Up."
Systems with tubing embedded in concrete are commonly known as "wet" installations.
The act says that no one may intentionally vent into the air these chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, commonly known as CFCs and HCFCs.