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QSOCommunicate With
QSOQueensland Symphony Orchestra (Australia; est. 1947)
QSOQuasi-Stellar Object
QSOQuantic Soul Orchestra (band)
QSOCompanions of the Queen's Service Order (New Zealand)
QSOQuasi-Stationary Orbit
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Now, it wasn't likely that Dorothy would be looking for wireless messages or would heed the call; but one thing the Historian was sure of, and that was that the powerful Sorceress, Glinda, would know what he was doing and that he desired to communicate with Dorothy.
Is it in his experience of the sex that a woman who is eagerly bent on making herself attractive to a man would tell that man, or tell anybody else who might communicate with him, that the charm by which she hoped to win his heart--say the charm of a pretty complexion--had been artificially acquired by the perilous use of a deadly poison?
One of the first questions you will have to determine, after to-morrow, will be the question of whether you do, or not, sanction your wife in attempting to communicate with her lost friend."
If you should ever meet with him in the future--say nothing to your wife, and communicate with me.
At first he appeared to be decidedly unwilling to let her communicate with his patient.
How to communicate with her secretly, in some other way, was the constant question in my mind as the days went on.
"The late stormy weather has delayed the vessel by means of which we communicate with the mainland.
Because a positive relationship exists between students' academic stress and their likelihood to communicate with instructors for the functional, participatory, excuse making and sycophancy motives (Martin, Cayanus, Weber, & Goodboy, 2006), it is possible a similar relationship exists between student motives, course effort, and course workload.
We can even communicate with God in Welsh; indeed, has it not been called the Language of Heaven?
"I am happy if we can communicate with dolphins using the dolphin speaker," Live Science quoted Yuka Mishima, researcher at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, as saying.
As with other segments of the ag industry, there are traditional ways to communicate with PFMs.
Unified communications follow you, wherever you may be, and adapt to the device and network you're using and, finally, give you control over how people communicate with you.