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C/CCabin Cruiser (US DoD)
C/CCast Off and Clear (US DoD)
C/CCombustion Chamber
C/CCarbon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon
C/CCenter to Center
C/CCrew Chief
C/CCommunication and Collaboration
C/Cchief complaint (medical)
C/CCompare/Contrast (analysis)
C/CContinuous Coverage (insurance)
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Be the first to tap the potential that Global Clinical Communication and Collaboration Software market is holding in it.
Deep integration into Google and Microsoft enterprise environments enables Fuze to extend best-in-breed productivity solutions while streamlining internal and external communication and collaboration.
The opportunity to have a dashboard with a global view of communication and collaboration tools appeared to be at the top of the wish list.
"Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) can enable businesses to dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and cost savings, but many are reluctant to move forward with the overly complex, expensive, proprietary offerings available today," said Chris Hummel, chief marketing officer at Siemens Enterprise Communications.
By giving physicians on the MAP timely information about hospital operations, the structured dialogue process enables physicians to understand and appreciate the complexities of operating a modern hospital, improves physician/hospital communication and collaboration, and serves as an effective training environment for new physician leaders.
Blogs have become one of the most common tech uses outside of e-mail to improve staff communication and collaboration. "Blogging opens the door to cross-communication and building ideas on a topic rather than someone talking about something in a vacuum," says Nussbaum-Beach.
Leading with its business wiki collaboration technology and a proven track record of helping organizations increase revenue and improve business performance, Customer Vision's solutions increase productivity and lower costs through software and services for Web-based business communication and collaboration. With CustomerVision, organizations can improve sales effectiveness, deliver new product information, introduce new applications, and efficiently support learning initiatives anywhere in the world.
Increased communication and collaboration. Workshop participants stressed the need to encourage communication and collaboration among different disciplines (e.g., economists and public health researchers) and regions (between developed and developing nations and among developing nations).
The learning processes are (a) planning and resourcefulness Co) knowledge representation, (c) communication and collaboration, and (d) reflection.
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