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The great majority, however, prefer to receive Communion in the hand and continue to do so.
They would be denied the option, approved by Paul, that has been available to them for the past 40 years, namely, to receive Communion in the hand or on the tongue.
Mother Teresa said, "the worst thing to take place since Vatican II is Communion in the hand" She was so right.
Since the practice of Communion in the hand has become the common observance in most countries, there has been, whether you like to admit it or not, a spike in Eucharistic abuse.
Furthermore, Communion in the hand has the potential to promote or at least foster a disrespect for the Body of Christ.
The Vatican agreed, stating that if the practice of Communion in the hand be allowed, "it would be an offense to the sensibilities and spiritual outlook of these bishops and a great many of the faithful" (Memoriale Domini).
What happened next was an abuse of that indult: parishes around the world took advantage and permitted the practice of Communion in the hand. Despite the Vatican's best efforts, the disobedience continued and today, most Catholics are under the erroneous idea that Communion in the hand is the norm, because it is seemingly most common.
He said, "It is necessary not to forget that the distribution of Communion in the hand, from a juridical standpoint, remains up to now an indult" (emphasis added).
Dietrich von Hildebrand has said that Communion in the hand reflects "an immanent spirit of paltry familiarity with Our Lord ...
Communion in the hand is one such concession to modernity.
This is the real diversity that needs our attention and proclamation--not the illusive promise of some false utopia supposedly found in practices like Communion in the hand.
In the light of all the many serious abuses that have occurred with the Sacred Host, let us strive to break the bonds of conformity that lead to dead ends and to make this practice of Communion in the hand a thing of the past--a footnote, if you will, in the annals of Church history.