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But his feeling goes beyond the mere physical and emotional delight of Chaucer and the Elizabethans; for him Nature is a direct manifestation of the Divine Power, which seems to him to be everywhere immanent in her; and communion with her, the communion into which he enters as he walks and meditates among the mountains and moors, is to him communion with God. He is literally in earnest even in his repeated assertion that from observation of Nature man may learn (doubtless by the proper attuning of his spirit) more of moral truth than from all the books and sages.
Real character, he holds, the chief proper object of man's effort, is formed by quietly living, as did he and the dalesmen around him, in contact with Nature and communion with God rather than by participation in the feverish and sensational struggles of the great world.
Such apostolic life flourishes in the context of a prayerful existence, in a life of communion with God in Jesus.
Now Christ, the Son of God through whom all things were created, has come to restore man to communion with God. He thereby completes creation.
The second view determines that disunity of the churches proceeds from a real but imperfect communion with God. Some see this imperfect or invalid communion in all churches, some argue that their own church is in full communion with God, and all other churches in an imperfect one.
In the preceding revelation, Jesus refers to His person as "bread." His words are also "bread." This can refer to Jesus as the source of life and communion with God. "Communion" of this bread is believing in Jesus.
Instead, Faggioli argues for a recovery of the vision laid out in Paragraph 42 of Gaudium et Spes, where the church is envisioned as "a sacrament--a sign and instrument of communion with God and of the unity of the entire human race."
But there is deep pleasure in quiet communion with God.
The difference between Jeremiah, who loudly lamented his suffering, and the one who gave his back to those who beat him demonstrates the distinction between a Jeremiah who, even knowing what it costs, does what the master asks, and the suffering servant whose communion with God is so profound that he understands the rejection he suffers as a rejection of God and believes that God shares that rejection with him.
Now he has given us a remarkably articulate reflection on modern movements in spiritual growth and development through the lens of his own maturation in Judaism from orthodoxy to out growing the forms of his religion and arriving at transcendent personal communion with God.
Chapters examines how spiritual battles and dryness in prayer are essential to reaching communion with God, including the inevitable dark nights of the soul.
The segments are "What Is Calvinism?", "Calvinism's Foundational Experience", "God's Sovereignty", "A Life of Holiness", "Godly Catholicity", and "Communion with God".