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"We, siblings of slain lawyer Anthony Trinidad, strongly condemn the false tagging of our brother and some members of our family as communist sympathizers.
No one knew how bad it would be, they declare, or anyone who did is a hippie communist sympathizer. So there!
She was also formally changing her name from Norma Jeane Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe and being attacked by red-baiters for associating with the playwright, an alleged Communist sympathizer. In February Walter Winchell broadcast an item about 'America's best-known blonde moving picture star'.
As George Clooney makes clear in this issue's cover story, the famous "Have you no sense of decency?" retort fired at witch-hunting senator Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 had a very specific context: The red-baiter had named as a Communist sympathizer a young associate of the Army's lead attorney, Joseph Welch, and Welch let him have it.
Along the way, she lived miserably in Chicago, but hung around the local radicals, abandoned the Wobblies, and became a Communist sympathizer. Back in Oregon during the Depression, she fought scabs--in the process, had two of her teeth knocked out--and thought about becoming a writer.
If Franklin Roosevelt had died just nine or 10 months earlier, his third-term vice president, Communist sympathizer Henry Wallace, would have become president.
A report was quietly tucked into the suspect's FBI file: "Moynihan was either a communist or a communist sympathizer."
Politically he was a man of shifting conviction; from being a socialist and Communist sympathizer and committed resistant he would become a Gaullist in favour of l'Algerie francaise.
Even worse for Zude is the fact that his wife, Julieta, is having an affair with a Communist sympathizer and winds up finding her husband's business tactics unbearably distasteful.
He's a communist sympathizer -- but not a party member -- who observes with growing concern how his village gradually transformed during the early years of Nazi rule.
Instead of giving out little Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys, they passed out "Woodys" to honor Oklahoma's homegrown communist sympathizer. The Gazette defended its actions: "You know, Woody Guthrie--the internationally known singer/songwriter from Okemab they didn't teach you about in school when you were growing up because, well, it's really too silly to even to go into"?
Though one of the factors in Edwin Morgan's sympathy for Jozsef must have been the latter's socialist orientation, it is not clear why he included a poem in his selection written in 1928, when Jozsef was a communist sympathizer (in 1933 he was expelled from the illegal Hungarian Communist Party).
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