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Society: The Wrong Place for the Right People provides a chilling account of how Barney Josephson was hounded out of business by right wing journalists and government agencies; how patrons became deterred from attending his clubs, how close associates, even those who owed their professional success to Josephson's promotion and support, distanced themselves from him, even denouncing him as a Communist sympathizer before Congress.
But after his show about Milo Radulovich--the kid who got kicked out of the Air Force because his sister and father might have gone to some Communist Party meetings--a guy who worked for both Hoover and McCarthy gave a reporter information that he said would prove Murrow had worked for the IWW, that he was a communist sympathizer since 1934.
Along the way, she lived miserably in Chicago, but hung around the local radicals, abandoned the Wobblies, and became a Communist sympathizer.
If Franklin Roosevelt had died just nine or 10 months earlier, his third-term vice president, Communist sympathizer Henry Wallace, would have become president.
Whitman's epic of radical democracy, Leaves of Grass, was so scandalous it got him fired from his government job; Hughes, a Communist sympathizer hounded by McCarthy, wrote constantly and indelibly about racism, injustice, power; Dickinson might seem the least political, but in some ways she was the most lastingly so--every line she wrote is an attack on complacency and conformity of manners, mores, religion, language, gender, thought.
A report was quietly tucked into the suspect's FBI file: "Moynihan was either a communist or a communist sympathizer.
Politically he was a man of shifting conviction; from being a socialist and Communist sympathizer and committed resistant he would become a Gaullist in favour of l'Algerie francaise.
They would ask about the activities of a witness's friends and acquaintances, hoping the witness would admit a colleague was a present or former Communist, "fellow traveler," or Communist sympathizer.
Even worse for Zude is the fact that his wife, Julieta, is having an affair with a Communist sympathizer and winds up finding her husband's business tactics unbearably distasteful.
Instead of giving out little Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys, they passed out "Woodys" to honor Oklahoma's homegrown communist sympathizer.
Though one of the factors in Edwin Morgan's sympathy for Jozsef must have been the latter's socialist orientation, it is not clear why he included a poem in his selection written in 1928, when Jozsef was a communist sympathizer (in 1933 he was expelled from the illegal Hungarian Communist Party).
By the final chapter, anyone who disagrees with the church's position is a Communist sympathizer assisting an alien power, while Catholic support for Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler is justified because of the opposition.
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