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A - Because it opens the way for new relations between the West and the former Communist bloc states controlled by Russia in the Cold War.
Companies are increasingly attracted to lowwage locations in the former Communist bloc countries.
Japan's three principles of arms exports, established in 1967, forbid the export of weapons to communist bloc countries, countries subject to United Nations arms sanctions and countries involved or likely to be involved in conflicts in the near future.
"The European Union won't repeat the generous gesture it made in 2004 with the accession of ten countries, eight of which came from the former communist bloc," the Belgian representative said.
Among potential new markets were Spain and Italy, and, in the longer term, former Communist Bloc countries such as Poland.
The multilateral bank for the former Communist bloc, which has expanded its activities to Turkey, says in a report published on Friday that the improvements are largely due to a better performance than expected in Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.
While it has gradually expanded the number of countries with which it has ties, Pyongyang has suffered a diplomatic setback in recent years as many former communist bloc countries have established diplomatic relations with South Korea.
It is therefore in the long-term interests of the more prosperous EU member countries to spend money helping democracy and capitalism to grow and prosper in the former Communist bloc countries.
With the Cold War and a cutoff of communist bloc aid, the two countries began opening up to the rest of the world, embraced a market orientation for their economies and joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
These are being reformed for the period from 2000 to 2006, partly to cope with expansion o f the EU as countries in the former Communist bloc in Eastern Europe join up.
CCB operates in Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and ten former communist bloc countries including Poland, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine, bottling and distributing Fanta and Sprite, as well as Coca Cola.
Ideal for strollingWhile Slovakia was disfigured by its communist regime and then overshadowed by the Czechs, the country has found its wings in recent years, the travel writer continues, pointing to the fact that the region around Bratislava has the hottest economy and highest per capita income of any region in the former communist bloc.Unlike Vienna (which is less than an hour's train ride), which Steves describes as a staid, elderly aristocrat sipping coffee, Bratislava is a vivacious young professional jet-setting around Europe.