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CIÉCorás Iompair Éireann (Ireland transportation)
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dame de compagnie , keeping her hands folded quietly in front of her; and she bent her worn gaze upon the cat.
The dame de compagnie nodded several times with an air of discretion, then assured Miss Haldin that she did not mind in the least.
"They beat him so cruelly in the course of investigation," went on the dame de compagnie , "that they injured him internally.
The dame de compagnie , listening up the stairs where now two voices were alternating with some animation, made no answer for a time.
The dame de compagnie had advanced to the open hall-door.
The dame de compagnie mused for a while in the doorway.
"Bonjour, la compagnie!"* said he gaily, smiling and looking about him.
He found Miss Crawley's maid (the discontented female) unusually sulky and despondent; he found Miss Briggs, her dame de compagnie, in tears alone in the drawing-room.
This is how it runs: `A le moult puissant et moult honorable chevalier, Sir Nigel Loring de Christchurch, de son tres fidele ami Sir Claude Latour, capitaine de la Compagnie blanche, chatelain de Biscar, grand seigneur de Montchateau, vavaseur de le renomme Gaston, Comte de Foix, tenant les droits de la haute justice, de la milieu, et de la basse.' Which signifies in our speech: `To the very powerful and very honorable knight, Sir Nigel Loring of Christchurch, from his very faithful friend Sir Claude Latour, captain of the White Company, chatelain of Biscar, grand lord of Montchateau and vassal to the renowned Gaston, Count of Foix, who holds the rights of the high justice, the middle and the low.'"
Some of our friends in the quartier pronounced the idea fantastic: they recommended her to try bonnet making, to get a situation in a shop, or--if she was more ambitious--to advertise for a place of dame de compagnie. She did advertise, and an old lady wrote her a letter and bade her come and see her.
Le president de la NOC, Mustapha Sanalla, et Abdelmajid Hamza, president de la Compagnie d'electricite, ainsi que le directeur executif de la societe, Ali Sassi et les conseillers du Premier ministre en Energie, Mohamed Machina et Mohamed Al-Fallah ont pris part a la rencontre.
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