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COISTCompany Intelligence Support Team (US DoD)
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In this scenario, the company commander would receive support from the battalion S2 or the company intelligence support team (CoIST), as advised by the S2.
The company intelligence support team collects, exploits, and disseminates the information that is a critical piece of the framework of a combined arms route clearance operation.
This Soldier is part of the company intelligence support team. (2) The current postgraduate sustainment program is conducted every Friday.
He specializes in irregular warfare, network engagement, multinational staff training and company intelligence support team (COIST) operations.
Additionally, the four newly acquired Soldiers would also serve as the company armorer; the chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) specialist; the company intelligence support team (CoIST) specialist; and the training/administrative clerk.
The company intelligence support team (CoIST) offers intelligence support at the company level, which is a huge advantage when companies are not colocated with their higher headquarters.
As the Army rapidly transitioned and adjusted to a COIN environment, Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment created a company intelligence support team (COIST) as a direct reaction to the unique hybrid threats that our unit faced.
The company intelligence support team and an interpreter escorted the elders from the front gate to the meeting room, where we made introductions, engaged in small talk, and exchanged cell phone numbers.
Those nested methods are: NATO Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting (HNAT), Attack the Network (AtN) which has been expanded and re-named Network Engagement (NE), and Company Intelligence Support Team (COIST) processes (see Figure 3).
For example, in one component of the training event, a platoon on the situational training exercise (STX) lane conducted a key leader engagement (KLE), received information on an improvised explosive device (IED) facilitator, and passed that information to its company intelligence support team (CoIST).
Many company commanders, particularly of maneuver units, create a company intelligence support team that is not on the modified table of organization and equipment so that it can generate, manage, and analyze human and geospatial information.