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CGHComparative Genomic Hybridization
CGHChangi General Hospital (Singapore)
CGHCenter for Global Health
CGHComputer Generated Hologram
CGHComputer-Generated Hologram
CGHCommunity General Hospital (Syracuse, NY)
CGHCastle of Good Hope (South Africa)
CGHCompagnie de Gestion Hôtelière (French: Hotel Management Company)
CGHCompressed Gaseous Hydrogen
CGHSao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Congonhas (Airport Code)
CGHChinese General Hospital (Manila, Philippines)
CGHCantonment General Hospital (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
CGHCincinnati General Hospital (Cincinnati, OH)
CGHGuided Missile/Helicopter Cruiser
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Bohling, "Does comparative genomic hybridization reveal distinct differences in DNA copy number sequence patterns between leiomyosarcoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma?" Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, vol.
Comparative genomic hybridization studies of synchronous LCIS and invasive lobular carcinoma consistently demonstrate loss of 16q (100%) and gain of 1q (88%) with less-frequent, consistent alterations, including losses of 11q, 8p, and 1p.
Pierson et al., "Bacterial artificial chromosome array-based comparative genomic hybridization using paired formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded and fresh frozen tissue specimens in multiple myeloma," Cancer, vol.
This study aimed to characterize the clinical and molecular cytogenetic features of Chinese WHS patients using the combination of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and array comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH).
She played a key role in the development, validation, and clinical application of comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), the first comprehensive chromosome analysis method to be widely applied to the study of human embryos.
(e) Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) results showing a ~300 kb hemizygous deletion on X chromosome encompassing the entire coding sequences of the NR0B1 (DAX1) and MAGEB genes.
Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) [2] has improved the analysis and characterization of hematopoietic malignancies (1-4) by both discovering previously unknown copy number (CN) changes [often small cryptic lesions that are not identified by conventional cytogenetic analysis or standard fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) testing] and comprehensively characterizing breakpoints of known aberrations (5-6).
SurePrint miRNA Microarrays are part of the SurePrint product family, including gene expression and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) microarrays.
Chromosome Preparations and Comparative Genomic Hybridization. Metaphase spreads were prepared from head kidney leucocytes of O.
An array-based comparative genomic hybridization study showed that gene copy gains are more common than losses, with the most changes being gains at 7q, 9p, 20p/q, and Xp/q, and losses at 2q, 6q, 22q, and Xp/q.
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