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This paper considers conscientization in the context of Adaptive Leadership, the Four Frames Approach, Giving Voice to Values Curriculum, and the Competing Values Framework.
We argue that researchers can build a model of the current culture of the Marine Corps beyond what has been defined here by using the Cameron and Quinn's competing values framework.
I will not discuss it extensively here since my discussion of the Competing Values Framework (CVF) later in this article captures many of the key elements that have been covered in this field of research.
Implications of the competing values framework for management information systems.
of New York, Empire State College) presents the empirically-based Competing Values Framework, a tool for assessing personal strengths and weaknesses and analyzing organizational situations.
Differences in these perspectives will be captured using the Competing Values Framework, which illustrates the inherent paradox involved in most business operations (Quinn, 1991; Quinn & Rohrbaugh, 1981, 1983).
While multiple conceptualizations of organizational culture can be found in the literature, the competing values framework has been adopted in this study.
To investigate the make-up of the organisational culture of the BBS and consider its orientation, a multi-method approach was considered using the Competing Values Framework for quantitative analysis and cognitive mapping with focus groups and one-to-one interviews for a qualitative analysis.
The interpersonal skills quadrant of the competing values framework was not a significant predictor in any of the analyses.
Organizational Culture Type / Competing Values Framework
The competing values framework (CVF) and Spreitzer's psychological empowerment theory served as the theoretical underpinning for the study.
To begin, we provide an overview of the concept of organizational culture, before exploring in more detail the competing values framework (CVF) as a lens though which to view library cultures.