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CLBBBComplete Left Bundle Branch Block
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Abnormalities, noted in patients ECGs' were as follows: ST depression (Minnesota code 4.1.2: STJ depression [greater than or equal to] 1 mm but < 2 mm and ST segment horizontal or downward sloping in any of leads V1, V2, V3, V4, V5), T-wave changes (Minnesota code 5.2: T amplitude negative or diphasic with negative phase at least 1 mm but not as deep as 5 mm in lead I or V6, or in lead aVL when R amplitude is [greater than or equal to] 5 mm), early QRS transition zone (Minnesota code 9.4.1: QRS transition zone at V3 or to the right of V3 on the chest), complete right bundle branch block (RBBB) (Minnesota code 7.2.1), complete left bundle branch block (LBBB) (Minnesota code 7.1.1).
Is the treadmill exercise test useful for evaluating coronary artery disease in patients with complete left bundle branch block? Am J Cardiol 1978; 42:36-40.