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CKDChronic Kidney Disease
CKDCertified Kitchen Designer
CKDCompletely Knocked Down (shipping)
CKDComplete Knock Down (automotive industry)
CKDCompletely Knocked Down
CKDCount Key Data
CKDCement Kiln Dust
CKDCertificado de Capital de Desarrollo (Spanish: Certificate of Capital Development; Mexico)
CKDChoi Kwang Do (Martial Art)
CKDCount Key Data (device)
CKDCyclical Ketogenic Diet
CKDCollaborative Knowledge Development (various organizations)
CKDChun Kuk Do (Martial Art)
CKDCrush Kill Destroy (band)
CKDCentralized Group Key Distribution (cryptography)
CKDCount Key Device
CKDCubic Centimeters per Kilogram per Day
CKDCentralized Knowledge Delivery
CKDClaude Kesser Développement (French construction company)
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Le meme groupe Loukil s'apprete a receptionner les premiers CKD (Complete Knock Down) ou lot contenant un ensemble des pieces detachees necessaires a l'assemblage d'un vehicule et qui sera complete sur place par des pieces produites localement et devrait prochainement, dans une dizaine de jours, demarrer l'activite de montage des voitures chinoises Foton.
The sources said new Automotive Development Policy (ADP 2016-21) is being launched to attract green and brown field investments in automobile and auto vendor industry while the government is also launching new Entrant Policy for Motorcycle Industry to promote investment in new/innovative technology wherein investors are allowed to import 100 % Complete Knock Down (CKD) at the rate of 10 % Customs Duty for a period of three years.
Bouchouareb a ete ferme en soulignant qu'il n'accordera plus de facilitations aux intervenants dans le cadre du Complete Knock Down (CKD), autrement dit les pieces detachees necessaires pour assembler un vehicule.
South Korea-based Hyundai Motor (KSE: 005380) and Kia Motors (KSE: 000270) are signing a complete knock down and export related components contract with Iranian automakers during the second quarter of 2016, The Dong-A-Ilbo has reported, citing certain sources.
A deal to assemble vehicles in Complete Knock Down (CKD) mode in Kazakhstan is signed by PSA Peugeot CitroE1/2n and AllurGroup.
So, we will start with complete knock down (CKD) now.
ADATA Lighting will present not only Complete Knock Down (CKD) lighting kits, indoor & outdoor lighting products, and an elegant LED desk lamp, but also a smart lighting control system.
Moreover, in 2013 the factory will launch a complete knock down kit of SsangYong cars.
This plant will serve as a Complete Knock Down assembly unit for truck and bus chassis during phase 1 of operations.
Local manufacturers argue that increase in car prices has been made to partially offset cost increases they have been forced to absorb owing to the depreciating rupee and other inflationary conditions affecting the economy that have pushed up the complete knock down (CKD) and the local vendor parts costs despite efficiencies and strong efforts in reducing own operating expenses.
The Complex adopts the Complete Knock Down principle in its manufacturing process, which enables the Complex achieve 80% of locally manufactured products.
In future, Mazda's overseas production figures will reflect the number of Mazda brand vehicles that come off the production line at overseas production facilities except for complete knock down vehicles CKD[1] and vehicles produced by other original equipment manufacturers OEM[2].
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