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CKDChronic Kidney Disease
CKDCertified Kitchen Designer
CKDCompletely Knocked Down (shipping)
CKDComplete Knock Down (automotive industry)
CKDCompletely Knocked Down
CKDCount Key Data
CKDCement Kiln Dust
CKDCertificado de Capital de Desarrollo (Spanish: Certificate of Capital Development; Mexico)
CKDChoi Kwang Do (Martial Art)
CKDCount Key Data (device)
CKDCyclical Ketogenic Diet
CKDCollaborative Knowledge Development (various organizations)
CKDChun Kuk Do (Martial Art)
CKDCrush Kill Destroy (band)
CKDCentralized Group Key Distribution (cryptography)
CKDCubic Centimeters per Kilogram per Day
CKDCount Key Device
CKDCentralized Knowledge Delivery
CKDClaude Kesser Développement (French construction company)
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The company has already started importing completely knocked down (CKD) kits from China for assembly of vehicles from next month.
Saipa Diesel was selected as the top trade partner of Volvo Trucks due to its range of orders and purchasing completely knocked down (CKD) for producing 3,200 Volvo trucks in 2017.
Chiarman RAIL said that the company has already started importing completely knocked down (CKD) kits from China for assembly of vehicles from next month.
Aside importing of heavy bikes in CBUs, some Chinese manufacturers were also importing completely knocked down (CKD) kits of 150-250cc bikes to assemble here in Pakistan, he shared.
The vehicle is likely to be imported into India through the completely knocked down kit route, and is likely to be priced from around INR5,000,000.
Under the MVDP, incentives and reduced importation duties are given to car manufacturers that bring into the country completely knocked down kits or automobiles that must first be assembled locally before it can be sold.
While Co maintained that most auto manufacturers understand the main differences between a CBU, a completely knocked down (CKD) and knocked down (KD) units, committee members insisted on having specific guidelines to guide assemblers and BOC examiners.
He insisted that violations of EO 156 has disqualified HARI from the tax privileges extended under the program that encourages firms to engage in assembly and manufacture of completely knocked down vehicles.
Islamabad -- Completely knocked down (CKD) based Trucks, Buses and other heavy vehicles imports into the country increased by 35.
ISLAMABAD -- Completely knocked down (CKD) based Motor Cars imports into the country increased by 15.
The old buildings of Spire and Christchurch House have now been completely knocked down and now the shell of the park is taking shape.
Moazzemi said Iran has 5 million jobless people, hence importing completely knocked down units and assembling them for the local market is against the national interest.
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