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CADDComputer-Aided Drafting and Design
CADDComputer-Aided Drug Design
CADDComputer Aided Design and Drafting
CADDComputer Aided Detector Design
CADDCombined Arms Doctrine Directorate
CADDComputer-Aided Design & Drafting
CADDComplex Add
CADDComputerized Ambulatory Drug Delivery
CADDCommunauté d'Agglomération du Drouais (French: Agglomeration Community of Dreaux; Dreaux, France)
CADDCercle d'Auto Promotion pour le Développement Durable (French: Self-Promotion Circle for Sustainable Development; Benin)
CADDComputer-Aided Design Development
CADDCollectif Associatif pour un Développement Durable (French: Collective Association for Sustainable Development)
CADDCombat Air Delivery Division
CADDCustomer Acquisition Due Diligence (banking)
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"The Saudi Lobbying Complex Adds a New Member: GOP Super PAC Chair Norm Coleman."
Treatment 1 was a basal diet of corn-soybean; treatment 2 was a basal diet of corn-paddy-soybean; treatment 3, had enzyme complex added to the corn-paddy-soybean basal diet at levels of 0.5 g/kg diet; and treatment 4, had enzyme complex added to the corn-paddy-soybean diet at levels of 1.0 g/kg diet.
Large vacation complex adds to already stable numbers.
The leisure complex adds to the feeling of luxury in this spacious, contemporary home.
TEPCO's initial statement that the injection of seawater was suspended on the day after the twin disasters hit the complex added to the criticism of Prime Minister Naoto Kan's handling of the country's worst nuclear crisis.
Last week I began suffering from a new form of psychosis, or yet another inferiority complex added to the string of complexes that I already suffer from, when I read in the news that a pink diamond was sold at an auction for 46.16 million dollars.
Osama Al-Khalili, Chairman of the Board of Middle East Complex added, "The world-leading capabilities of the Scarlet TV coupled with its invisible speakers customized for the LG60 by golden-eared Mr.
In 2002, the Millennium City complex added a major new and exciting focus to the city centre.
Relative cTnI recovery in the studied LR serum sample with different concentrations of troponin complex added. (a) Added troponin Mean (SD) Mean (SD) complex as cTnI, recovery, % undetected (b) cTnI, [micro]/L [micro]/L 0.3 0.0 (1.7) 0.30 (0.005) 3 1.5 (0.1) 2.95 (0.003) 30 2.1 (0.1) 29.4 (0.03) 100 13.6 (0.9) 86.4 (0.9) 300 60.7 (1.3) 117.9 (3.9) 500 75.5 (3.4) 122.3 (17.0) (a) The signal from the LR sample was compared with the signal from a NR sample to which the same amount of troponin complex was added (n 3).
Covering 40-plus acres, the Little Rock complex added up to a $12.3 million transaction.
FUND-RAISERS at a Nuneaton old people's complex added their support to a national event aimed at making life more comfortable for those living with cancer.
Coun Williams, who said the council thought the five could be incorporated in a complex added: "The schemes now put forward as suggestions would greatly enhance Criccieth's attraction as a holiday centre and bring year-round benefits to the residents."