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COPRASCooperation Platform for Research and Standards
COPRASComplex Proportional Assessment (analyzation method)
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1994), The new method of multi-criteria complex proportional assessment of projects, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 1(3): 131-139.
Materials selection using complex proportional assessment and evaluation of mixed data methods, Materials & Design 32(2): 851-860.
In this research a hybrid MCDM model encompassing analytic network process (AHP) and the complex proportional assessment of alternatives with grey relations (CUPRAS-G method) is used for greenhouse.
For this reason Complex proportional assessment (CUPRAS) method (Zavadskas and Kaklauskas, 1996) can be applied.
Besides, the Multiple Criteria Complex Proportional Assessment Method (COPRAS) and the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method were analysed (Ginevicius, Podvezko, 2004).
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