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C/BComplicated By (medicine)
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C/BCircuit Breaker
C/BCarry Back (accounting)
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INDICATORS: Babies born from pregnancies complicated by chronic hypoxia have increased indicators of cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure and stiffer blood vessels.
This is further complicated by professional disputes over constructivism versus direct instruction.
We report 4 patients with dengue fever complicated by retinal hemorrhages who were hospitalized in our institution in June and July 2004.
"The deal was further complicated by the need for the parties to reach agreement on 'forward pricing' in the form of market rents commencing in 2009."
The task of implementing a compliance initiative is further complicated by the fact that no one vendor has the end-all solution.
But now many HIV-infected people without AIDS diagnoses suffer from medication-related maladies or illnesses that, while not a direct result of HIV infection, are related to or complicated by HIV's effects on the immune system.
A review of birth records from Utah revealed that both men and women who were the products of a pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia had a significantly increased likelihood of having a child who also was born of a preeclamptic pregnancy, reported Dr.
Stan Pawlowicz, interim general manager of Sudbury Hydro, says the task facing municipal utilities to gear up for the open market has been "monsterous" and complicated by local municipal government restructuring.
Family status issues are further complicated by the increasing number of nontraditional families and living arrangements today, a phenomenon that cuts across all income levels but causes particular difficulty for low income taxpayers trying to prepare their returns.
As well as having to link all these, the project was made more complicated by very restricted site conditions, between a major city road and the tidal inlet of Bow Creek.
The columnist also explained that American foreign policy could be complicated by the bill, actually making it more difficult for our government to press for better international human rights.
The field is further complicated by the fact that the same raw material may be used to make different products.