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A By Light Professional IT Services LLC security researcher, Jimmy Bayne, has determined a procedure for bypassing Microsoft Application Control solutions using Component Object Model (COM), the company said.
A component object model (COM) interface lets users run HyperSizer from Excel, Matlab and other programs, as well as integrated environments such as ModelCenter and Isight.
COM, or Component Object Model, provides C# with capabilities such as platform independence and integration of objects, which need not be in the same development environment or even on the same computer.
The solutions are designed to automate the activities carried out within office computer based information systems, by extending the default functionality of the Office 2013 suite, through the development of Component Object Model Add-Ins.
Firstly, we present a HPO model allowing native component object to be accessed directly as a Java object and vice versa.
COM, short for Component Object Model, (4,5) was introduced by Microsoft in 1993 to simplify interprocess communication between applications.
"Distributed Component Object Model Protocol- DCOM/1.0, draft", Available at :, November 1996.
There have been previous attempts to solve this unique problem by seamlessly connecting distributed applications using technologies like common object request broker architecture (CORBA) and and distributed component object model (DCOM), but none of these technologies have turned out to be a panacea.
The MCIS_RPC.OCX encapsulates the RPC interface from RPC SINUMERIK in COM calls (Component Object Model).
Well-known distributed technologies using proprietary protocol are DCOM (Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model), CORBA and Java RMI.
In programming, the Component Object Model (COM), so known as ActiveX, is a Microsoft technology for software componentry.
.NET is easier to leverage than the Component Object Model (COM), which implies faster development and less rework.
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