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CZOCollege Zorg Opleidingen (Dutch: College of Care Education; est. 2003)
CZOComprehensive Zoning Ordinance
CZOCollege Ziekenhuis Opleidingen (Dutch: College Training Hospital)
CZOCritical Zone Observatory (US NSF)
CZOComputerized Zoning Ordinance
CZOChesapeake Zoning Ordinance (Virginia)
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3d 1131, 1137; Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of Plaquemines Parish, La.
If the community is seeking to enact a moratorium before a comprehensive zoning ordinance is established, it has express statutory authority to adopt a moratorium, but it seeks to enact a moratorium after it has developed a comprehensive zoning plan, then this statute doesn't directly apply.
After more than 20 years of controversy, Posey County this spring passed the county's first comprehensive zoning ordinance.
The issuance of the Special use Permit is in compliance with the provisions of Article VII, Section 50 of the City Ordinance 2200-2013 otherwise known as the Quezon City Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and its Implementing Rules and Regulations that is required for the construction and installation of the cellsite tower project.
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