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Chairman Korkoya explains that Comptroller General Kowo, who is also the National Secretary of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, maintains that unless the NEC submitted expenditure report for the US$1.5 million disbursed earlier for the polls, it would not release the last disbursement.
As Comptroller General, I am also responsible for setting internal control standards for the federal government, which are found in the Green Book.
While some interpret the constitutional prohibition to re-elect a comptroller general (Article 233) as meaning that the current comptroller general cannot be re-elected, others have interpreted it as meaning that no one who has previously served as comptroller general can stand for re-election.
To deal with such circumstances, the senior committee proposes a three-part dispute resolution process, culminating with the deputy head and the comptroller general jointly discussing the matter with the secretary of the Treasury Board.
"We are marching with the constitution in hand and the support of the people."'Illegally excluding'More than one dozen members of the 1999 assembly that drafted the current constitution, including Chavez's ex-wife Marisabel Rodriguez, have accused Russian of violating the law.The comptroller general is "illegally excluding those who don't share the president's socialist agenda," she said during Saturday's march."I am feeling the abuses that the people feel.
Walker was sworn in and became only the seventh Comptroller General
Because the letter, issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, amounts to a new rule that changes longstanding policy, it must be submitted to Congress and to the comptroller general before it can take effect.
Walker has been comptroller general since November 1998.
At the same time, elected officials don't like to have to make tough choices, unless or until it is necessary, because they are afraid they might lose their job." Comptroller general David Walker, in an article for Newsweek, lambasted the shortsightedness of politicians and their refusal to fix an untenable situation--"Social Security is underfunded by $6 trillion in current-dollar terms.
Walker, Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office, gave testimony to a House committee on steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of personal data being stolen.