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The types of units covered by this standard usually are: "computer room air conditioner" (CRAC), which uses dedicated compressors and refrigerant cooling coils rather than chilled-water coils; or "computer room air handler" (CRAH), which uses chilled-water coils for cooling rather than dedicated compressors.
(The design borrowed features from both down-flow computer room air handlers and in-row computer room cooling units.) These AHUs are currently semi-custom but very simple and easily manufactured by almost any air handler manufacturer.
Often cold air is provided by direct expansion computer room air conditioners (CRACs), or chilled water computer room air handlers (CRAHs).
Computer Room Air Handlers, or CRAH units -- basically large air conditioners -- are most often controlled using temperature sensors located on or near the CRAH air inlets.<p>That's the way 76 percent of data centers do it, according to an end-user study cited in a white paper about the experiment.
October's article "Energy-Efficient Data Centers: A Close-Coupled Row Solution" by John Bean and Kevin Dunlap posits that in-row air handlers (IRAHs) are more efficient and better at eliminating hot spots than computer room air handlers (CRAHs) and central air handlers (CAHUs).
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