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COMPSTATComputational Statistics (journal)
COMPSTATComputer Statistics (law enforcement)
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The CompStat (Computer Statistics), introduced by the deputy commissioner Jack Maple in 1994, was used to identify hotspots of crimes and ascertain spatial and temporal crime patterns.
Indeed, the complex computer statistics implemented by the research team allow identification of the ammunition responsible for the different gunshot traces left at a crime scene, and eventual association of such traces, with unprecedented accuracy.
So long as people are just computer statistics who pay their rent, nobody cares.
Helen France, from Skelmanthorpe Community Action Network ,said: "Even E though we have sent Redwood photos, sta still don't accept that the river oods - they just believe computer statistics instead.
Quigley threw a truck load of punches - 211 according to the computer statistics - in the fight in order to leave nothing to chance.
He fights the same way over and over." According to computer statistics, "Pacman" landed 73 of 127 punches in just under six minutes, including 34 of 53 power punches in the second round, while "Hitman" Hatton connected on only 18 of 78.
He also added that the computer statistics from the 12 rounds justified the split decision going in his favour.
AFL star Tadhg Kennelly believes the secret behind the Aussies' International Rules success is their strict adherence to costly computer statistics.
Pundits say the most important development to come out of Giuliani's affair with Mexico could be the establishment of a CompStat network--a computer statistics system developed in New York to pinpoint criminal activity by type and area.
COMPSTAT (short for COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics) is the name given to the New York City Police Department's accountability process.
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