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Ironically, despite computerisation of land records, there is no comprehensive database of state land readily available, let alone a system to protect such land from illegal occupation.
The DG KDA also directed that report regarding computerisation of land records be submitted in the next session, according to a press release issued here on Sunday.
CHITRAL -- Patron-in-chief of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Association of Patwaris and Qanungo (revenue officials), Hanif Khan Jadoon, has termed the ongoing process of computerisation of land records defective.
BY BILAL HUSSAINAdditional deputy commissioner says funds are awaited to complete the project ISLAMABAD: The residents of Islamabad are still waiting for the computerisation of land records from around eight years from now.
Since no subsequent efforts were made to update the jama bandi of these computerized mouzas, the computer data had been damaged, the official added.The patwaris are also creating hindrances in the computerisation of land record in the capital since they would be deprived of corruption involved in their practice.
Some dealers and owners of lands have complained that the provincial government has failed to eliminate patwari culture' as the computerisation of land records in Punjab, which was supposed to be completed in June 2014, has not yet been through in most of the districts.
Patel said that the computerisation of land records is imperative to curb corruption.
The sources said the government has decided to construct 100 Patwar khanas and computerisation of land records in 18 districts is also on cards.
Land reforms in India; computerisation of land records.
Starting with an overview of land reforms in Karnataka, the volume reflects on the implementation of land-ceilings and tenancy reforms; the social cost and benefits of distributive land reforms; protection of tribal rights and forest lands; management of common property resources; and maintenance, updating, and computerisation of land records. Some of the papers trace the historical developments in land reforms in various regions of Karnataka, while others present a futuristic picture.
The government following establishment of IT Infrastructure in the province the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT department will facilitate and provide the different IT based services to people including computerisation of land records, judicial, police system and computerisation of other departments recommended by the Federal Cabinet for good Governance Plan to save times of people and avoiding any lapsing of officials record.
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