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CPOEComputerized Physician Order Entry
CPOEComputerized Provider Order Entry
CPOEComputerized Prescriber Order Entry
CPOEComputerized Practitioner Order Entry (healthcare)
CPOEComprehensive Preparation of the Operational Environment (NATO)
CPOECenter for Producer Owned Energy (Agricultural Utilization Research Institute; Crookston, MN)
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Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) programs allow physicians and other qualified clinicians to enter medication orders directly into a database in order to reduce the ambiguity of handwritten prescriptions.
In order to clarify the role of technologies such as computerized physician order entry, it is important to define the above two terms clearly.
computerized physician order entry or other technology that has been shown effective in eliminating or substantially reducing medication related errors.
The computerized physician order entry process offers a method to reduce nonvalue-added tests and treatments.
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