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COMRATCompression Rate code
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Aujourd'hui, a Comrat il y a un lycee ou on apprendre la langue turque.
The first debate tournament took place on 30 September in Comrat and gathered 28 high school students from B?
In November 2004, the Comrat Mayor's Office refused to issue a construction permit to Jehovah's Witnesses to build a house of worship in Comrat.
Experienced debate teams from Comrat and Bender were invited to debate the appropriate decision-making process for choosing a career to familiarize their counterparts from Balti with the Karl Popper debate format as a method for fostering critical thinking in young people.
This year the simulation game brought together 31 students from Chisinau, Comrat, Rybnitsa and Tiraspol to enhance their negotiation skills and to encourage youth to pursue careers in the field of conflict resolution.
The debate tournament aimed to improve the abilities of 35 young people from Bender, Cahul, Ceadir-Lunga, Comrat, Taraclia, Tiraspol and Vulcanesti to evaluate the importance of various factors in choosing their profession and using distinct arguments for their position.
The OSCE Mission to Moldova held a two-day training course on advocacy techniques for 16 representatives of non-governmental organizations with a national minorities focus, mainly from Gagauzia, from 18 to 19 October 2016 in Comrat.
During the event, Ala Levitcaia, independent expert from Comrat State University, presented a report, using Gagauzia as a case study, that analyzed the effectiveness of the states policy on innovation as a tool of development.
Some 30 students and teachers from across Moldova attended the discussion at the Gaidarji lyceum in Comrat, in the countrys autonomous region of Gagauzia.
The OSCE Mission to Moldova brought together 32 students from Chisinau, Comrat, Rybnitsa and Tiraspol for the Model OSCE 2016, to hone their negotiation skills training and participate in a simulation game that engages youth in conflict resolution.