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CONADContinental Air Defense Command
CONADConsolidated Administration
CONADContract Administration
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O Conselho de Administracao (Conad), outra instancia ligada ao acompanhamento das acoes administrativas do HC-UFU, tambem e parte integrante do Controle Social do hospital.
Ao menos tres fatores foram importantes para esclarecer o encadeamento dos fatos, nesse caso: (i) a pressao exercida pelos gerentes contratados para a mudanca na estrutura; (ii) a autoridade emanada pelo CONAD; e (iii) o carater nao cerimonial da assembleia e da participacao dos cooperados no processo decisorio.
The advertisement had mistakenly placed CONAD's Commander-in-chief's operations hotline.
Each of the five brands tested - Barilla, De Cecco, Gragnano and supermarket brands Coop and Conad - was cooked in one litre of water salted with 7g of sea salt for every 100g of pasta.
Na ausencia de controles legais explicitos, o governo brasileiro apoiou-se na promulgacao das Resolucoes do Conselho Nacional de Politicas sobre Drogas (CONAD) para guiar a aplicacao da legislacao de drogas.
Then, it was one on one, shooter against goalie, Blake Dumart against Conad. Conad waited until Blake Dumart was almost right on top of him and threw his arms wide.
5 of Conselho Nacional de Politicas sobre Drogas (CONAD, [National Council on Policies about Drugs]), the government agency responsible for drug-related issues, drawing on the article 1.634 of the Brazilian Civil Code, interpreted the right of pregnant women and children to consume ayahuasca as falling under the domain of the "exercise of parental rights." Parental rights are, "a parent's rights to make all decisions concerning his or her child, including the right to determine the child's care and custody, the right to educate and discipline the child, and the right to control the child's earnings and property" (Garner 2004: 1146).
In 2009, retail loyalty programmes count their customers in the millions and Coop, Conad and Esselunga customer databases can rival in size with major European schemes.
When the service chiefs failed to agree on a recommendation, Gates directed the JCS to assign operational command of SPADATS to Continental Air Command (CONAD) and operational control to NORAD, which occurred officially on November 7, 1960.
The order follows several major wins in Italy with leading food grocers Bennet Hypermarkets, Sisa Supermarkets, Famila, Crai, Conad and E.
Finnish telecomms infrastructure company Nokia Siemens Networks said on Monday (10 December) that it has been chosen by the Italian supermarket chain Conad as a partner to provide hosting and charging services for its new mobile operations.
PISTOIA, Italy -- Conad del Tirreno Group, a cooperative of more than 340 independent food retailers yesterday licensed several software solutions to centralize and optimize its operations and IT infrastructure.