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The cumulative concentration-response of acetylcholine in TMC group was compared with IC group by two-way ANOVA.
We also assessed the shape of the concentration-response relationship in this setting across the range of [PM.
Briefly, concentration-response data consisted of intracellular ATP concentrations evaluated 40 h after treatment with 170 unique chemicals at concentrations from 0.
Purpose: We attempt to explore the molecular mechanisms involved in the neurohormetic responses to quercetin and rutin exposure, in a SH-SY5Y cell line which stably overexpresses the amyloid precursor protein (APP) Swedish mutation, based on a biphasic concentration-response relationship for cell viability.
Group 2 Cumulative concentration-response curve of serotonin (n=6)
50]) were obtained from the current-voltage and concentration-response curves, respectively, and were fitted using Hill equation.
The extract showed the shift of calcium concentration-response curves (CRC) towards right at 0.
However, the EPA assumes a linear concentration-response impact function that extends to concentrations below background levels.
01-1 mg/ml) non-specific relaxant effect in rabbit jejunum, which was supported further by a rightward shift of the Ca++ concentration-response curves, similar to verapamil.
The assumption of a linear, no-threshold concentration-response relationship likely overstates benefits
Determination of the concentration-response curve of Isaria fumosorosea strain CG259 to Eurhizococcus brasiliensis cysts.
The five chapters describe exposure estimation methods, toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic models, different approaches to mixture effects assessment, test design for mixture concentration-response analysis, and the differences between the whole mixture and component-based approaches to assessing the risk posed by chemical mixtures.