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C2PCommand & Control Processor
C2PCpu to Pci
C2PChunky to Planar (computer format conversion)
C2PCircuit To Packet (Lucent)
C2PCommand and Control Protection (US DoD)
C2PComputer-to-Plate (printing)
C2PConsumer to Producer
C2PConcept to Production
C2PConstruction-to-Permanent (home purchase financing)
C2PCommunity to People (micro credit)
C2PContract to Permanent
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By combining this with EXNOVO s creative flair as one of the world s most admired vehicle, aesthetic and industrial design houses, I believe that we can provide a truly unparalleled and comprehensive high quality motorcycle and scooter capability, from component engineering to full, turn-key whole vehicle concept to production programmes.
The 6 is likely to graduate from concept to production in the next few years.
3D Material Technologies will give its customers the capacity to streamline the process of taking a concept to production within a matter of days.
com/industries/automotive) doesn't want to develop in-car software, but it does want to help OEMs and suppliers do it and manage it from concept to production.
He says the program went from concept to production in less than a year.
We focus on concept to production involving design, prototyping.
It will feature standard mirrors and door handles, but its overall silhouette is expected to make the transition from concept to production without major modifications.
The project cut software development costs by 82%; reduced software maintenance costs by 91%; increased new functionality by 34%, while using the existing amount of onboard memory, and halved the concept to production development period.
Presently, BMW is collaborating with Toyota to explore fuel-cells, combining resources to bring the technology from concept to production.