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C2RClick to Run (software)
C2RClient to Router
C2RConcept to Reality (biannual magazine; Altair Engineering, Inc.)
C2RComplex to Real (data output)
C2RColleagues Committed to Redesign
C2RCommand and Control Registry
C2RCommitted to Redesign Program (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Troy, NY)
C2RConsumer to Retailer
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The Warwickshire company is better known for the miracles it's worked on rally-going Subaru Imprezas, but in a brave move they've created a unique two-seater sports car which has shot from concept to reality in just nine months.
Greater Sudbury's push to create Canada's first centre of excellence in deep mining and exploration has gone from concept to reality.
Coming from a client background, I was highly impressed by their professionalism as project managers and hope to bring my own experience of European project management, where the project manager is the custodian of the client's idea and controls the seamless transition from concept to reality, to the company.
Each member of Capri Coffee's management team, has years of expertise in the specialty coffee industry, and has the financing and marketing experience to bring the Capri Coffee concept to reality.
Rossi of Intel Corporation, who served as TEI's 2003-2004 International President, made the development and conduct of the survey one of his goals and helped move the project from concept to reality.
Some technological breakthroughs spend many years making the transition from concept to reality.
Wasenko's insistence that every artist expresses himself in the medium they see fit has at its base the understanding that more than one set of eyes, or one set of hands, takes a design from concept to reality.
Head teacher of Dylan Thomas Community School, Malcolm Willis said, 'We are delighted to support Swansea RFC's community projects and are exceptionally pleased to be playing a part in helping them develop from concept to reality.
Fingers are crossed their latest effort will go from concept to reality.
To mark his departure, Nigel was presented with a specially commissioned pen and ink cartoon drawn by Birmingham based business consultant and part-time artist Peter Rees-Steer, that depicted his years with the project from concept to reality.
This comprehensive study, comprised of extensive survey and case study data, indicates that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has moved from concept to reality, but still has a long way to evolve before it reaches market maturity.
Whether or not Project Steppenwolf will follow the TT, Al2 and all-road quattro and make the crossover from concept to reality has yet to be decided, but the amazing public response it has received suggests that it would have a future every inch as bright.