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CEXAMConcepts (Theory) Examination
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The past half-century has been witness to an unrelenting struggle between two concepts of human sexuality.
Analytical concepts are well known by AFRL personnel and provide the foundation for science, engineering, and economics.
PALMDALE - Lockheed Martin presented to the Pentagon four concepts, including a new stealth bomber and a rocket-launched glider, as possible temporary successors to the B-2 stealth bomber in the next two decades.
Routledge's innovative new 'Thinking in Action' series takes the concept of philosophy a step further, approaching the non-specialist general reader with a series of philosophical concepts linked to contemporary life and thought.
The students" self concepts increased in three of the experimental classes and in the control class: however, a significant decline occurred in teacher perceptions of student self concept in the control class; as opposed to the experimental classes.
An art that gives nothing more of itself than its own guilty self-abnegation as art has little more appeal than one that measures up only to its bricks or concepts.
Novack of Cornell University (1983), is a technique for visually representing the structure of information--how concepts within a domain are interrelated.
This paper describes an approach to create a dimensional metrology knowledge base that is organized around a set of key concepts and to represent those concepts as virtual objects that can be navigated with interactive, computer visualization techniques to access the associated knowledge.
Knowledge management (KM) concepts and technologies have tremendous potential for increasing enterprise productivity and ensuring the effectiveness of information resources.
The concept raises several intriguing historical questions: Why did it originate in the first place, quite early in the century, when other concepts, notably neurasthenia, were already available?
While some organizations are implementing AO by totally redesigning space to accommodate open workstations or workstations on wheels that can be moved to shared spaces, many corporations are implementing hoteling, team space and universal plan concepts within existing spaces.