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COEDCooperative for Education (Cincinnati, Ohio)
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COEDCommission on Education for the Deaf
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FOOTBALL star Thierry Henry sexed up the phrase va va voom so beautifully in his TV adverts for Renault that it made it into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary yesterday.
The author, Robert Allen, was Senior Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, Chief Editor of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Associate Editor of the Oxford Companion to the English Language to name but a few, so you could say he is an expert on the subject.
The database also provides a reference shelf that includes the full text of The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, a searchable full text of the 1611 edition of the King James Bible, and other standard references.
The practice has become so well documented in recent years that the term "greenwash" now shows up in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.
(The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines paradox as a "statement contrary to received opinion; [a] seemingly absurd though perhaps really well-founded statement; self-contradictory; person, [or] thing, conflicting with preconceived notions of what is reasonable or possible.") They have indeed begun to force the issues of cooperation, collaboration, and a heightened need for resource sharing.
My Concise Oxford English Dictionary contains the following two definitions of nationalism: | Patriotic feeling, principles or effort.
Etymology means, says Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 'an account of the origins and the development in meaning of a word'.
Va Va Voom is back and it's not just as an entry in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.
The term 'va-va-voom', made famous by the Arsenal striker in TV commercials for Renault cars, yesterday made it into the new Concise Oxford English Dictionary.
The entry in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a maroon as a person descended from fugitive slaves in remote parts of Suriname and the West Indies.
Authors of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary could help him with the answer after deciding to include the word for the first time in its latest edition published today.