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It includes a chapter on gardens, another on the decorative arts, and two architectural case-studies, the town of Shrewsbury and Hardwick Hall, which allow Eric Mercer and Malcolm Airs to operate at a level of richly concrete detail which compensates for the inevitable vagueness of a general account of the sixteenth century in some three hundred pages.
Early Christians didn't celebrate it at all and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, which provide the only accounts of Jesus' birth in the New Testament, provide no concrete detail in terms of dates.
Still, it's difficult to offer constructive criticism, say both Baum and Corbett Broad, as the framework lacks concrete detail at this time.
"There's no concrete detail on the Scottish Government's plans and we hope they can work with us so that we can implement this fairer change sooner rather than later."
With chapters like "Franklyn Batting," an homage to West Indian cricket, Dorlene's miraculous "Funeral," and "Arlene's Zipper," Lovelace demonstrates his narrative wizardry in transforming concrete detail into something greater.
Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said that he was encouraged by the amount of concrete detail of policy plans - received "at the end of last week" - to repair the banking sector and restore public finances.
They make you want to know what he means in more concrete detail. This kind of talk will also put on guard some Democrats who feel they were burned by the rhetoric of change in the last presidential election.
Both main political parties have pledged to get borrowing down but so far offered little concrete detail on how they will achieve it.
Again, the responses have surprised me with their concrete detail and sensitivity to environmental nuance.
Thus, he shows how Menzel's eye for concrete detail both endeared him to the German public and prevented his work from achieving the emblematic quality of Manet or Degas, who painted similar subjects.
Although his time-frame is shorter than Levine's, Moore covers many of the same themes in an account rich in pertinent concrete detail, wide-ranging in geographical and comparative sweep, inclusive both of intellectual history and of subaltern groups, and lucid and economical in exposition.