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Based on these findings, we propose an evaluation model that facilitates the concurrent evaluation of the three key dimensions for different EPPs used in the pedagogical processes.
Rapid deployment with concurrent evaluation also helps learning systems abandon hoped-for innovations that do not pan out, a problem endemic in U.S.
PA: Recent advancements in telemetry development allow for concurrent evaluation of CV and respiratory endpoints (via impedance) for a complete cardio respiratory evaluation in a single subject.
Singh urged deputy chairman of Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia, who was also present at the function, to rectify the deficiencies in the concurrent evaluation process of the scheme.
He also confirmed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had urged for the formation of a concurrent evaluation programme by an exclusive unit under Ministry of Rural Development to oversee the execution of funds.( ANI )
That analysis, plus concurrent evaluation of emission inventories and pollutant monitoring, all confirmed the same apportionment range for DPM.
Concurrent evaluation of quality of care measures also should occur.
A TQM health care organization manages quality by strengthening horizontal communication, conducts concurrent evaluation, encourages team interaction and collective accountability, and fosters the creation of internal, customer-validated standards.
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