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The temperature of the fluid leaving the condensing heat exchanger is 126.7[degrees]C (260[degrees]F), based on a feasible effectiveness of heat exchange between this fluid loop and the combustion air.
All energy calculations were completed by the manufacturer after providing them the inlet temperature and flow rate of the liquid fluid leaving the condensing heat exchanger that would be entering the ORC.
Installation costs for large materials such as the condensing heat exchanger, coal dryer, and ORC systems were assumed to be one-third of the material cost, which is the same as the large ORC installation project previously completed at the plant (Achelpohl et al.
If a condensing heat exchanger were to be implemented, the heat would be best used if it was sold to a nearby industry.
Babcock Power and its subsidiaries are leaders in the design and supply of environmental pollution controls, combustion and steam generator technology and other power plant heat exchanger products and systems - experience that will be used to design the TIPS process components and subsystems for pressurized oxy-fuel burners and combustors, heat transfer surfaces for generating superheat and reheat steam and condensing heat exchangers, which will remove the products of combustion, including toxic pollutants, water and CO2 as liquid streams.
Application of polymeric materials for condensing heat exchangers. Polym.