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After announcing his conditional return in return for a presidential-level security, former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday backtracked from his statement, saying he won't return to Pakistan due to "poor health and security concerns" a day ahead of the hearing of his case in a special court.
In its recent report entitled "Keeping the Calm in Southern Syria", the Crisis Group concluded that, "all sides should seize the opportunity to negotiate a deal for the conditional return of the Syrian state to the south west and avert a military conclusion that, for all sides and the local population, would be a worse outcome".
Bacova and Halmova [13] explored the analysis and statistical evaluation of the joint probability of the occurrence of peak discharge and volume; they also calculated joint return periods and conditional return periods for the hydrological pair.
MES is the expected shortfall calculated from a conditional return distribution for an individual financial institution where the conditioning event is a large negative market return realization.
This implies price shocks in corn have affected the conditional return variances in wheat and vice versa.
Mean (conditional return) equation capturing wealth effects: Japan:
While the majority of respondents support negotiations (64%), 58% support a conditional return to the negotiating table -- a halt to Israeli settlement expansion.
What can be done, however, is to compute each models posterior conditional return variance, Var[[Y.sub.t]|y], and compare it with the DGP true conditional variance, exp{[h.sub.t]}.
More broadly, the findings confirm the practical reliability of the new realized volatility tools and the associated theory, and pave the way for further progress in characterizing and forecasting the full conditional return distributions.
While Yamauchi was village mayor, he repeatedly asked the state to resolve the problem as a ''postwar pending issue'' and succeeded in getting state approval for the airfield's conditional return.
We examine the power of conditional return designs using the following metric:
The past agreements include a 1956 document calling for the conditional return to Japan of two of four Russian-held islands.
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