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The conference agenda covers a number of issues including boosting contact between Arab countries.
Jones has been responsible for the conference agenda since 2015.
The Mid-Winter Conference agenda also includes a number of workshops and seminars to acquaint you with DAV's current efforts and key issues to help guide and support advocacy work within your local community.
The 2016 conference agenda includes a nationally known keynote speaker and sessions that are solution-oriented, proactive in nature, innovative and focused on the legal industry.
NABOB's conference agenda is still being finalized and will be available soon.
We have an exciting conference agenda that includes simulations, discussions, case studies and sessions by CMOs and CFOs.
The conference agenda included 15 hours of speeches by the speakers, five research sessions and three panel discussions.
The Middle East is a "particular hotspot" for the serviced apartment market according to London-based event organiser and online publisher International Hospitality Media , organiser of the full day conference agenda, with industry expert speakers covering serviced apartments, branded residences, aparthotels, extended stay hotels and corporate housing in the region.
Angola and South Africa also refused to sign the main Conference agenda. Angola's representative cited the agenda's being in English, a language he does not understand well, rather than Portuguese, as the reason for his refusal to sign.
This work has led to a uniform initial position for Arab countries in relation to the conference agenda items and provides documentation about the unified Arab view for the next
The conference agenda includes several topics, including investment, manufacturing, and energy, with a focus on renewable energy, food security, agricultural development, health care services, tourism and information technology, development of human resources, education, research and technological development.
"This year's conference agenda is well-equipped to showcase global growth phenomena in a local context.