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Developers can easily check in and check out individual files as well as complete projects from the configuration management system directly from the development environment.
develops, markets, and supports Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System. Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., Perforce Software sells worldwide and has international operations in Europe, Japan, and Africa.
Announced in November of last year and shipping this quarter, ClusterX is an application and configuration management system aimed exclusively at NT clusters.
Orwell: A configuration management system for team programming.
Configuration data passes from the CMDB through a higher-level logical repository called the configuration management system (CMS).
Perforce Software has announced the addition of Time-lapse View to Perforce, a fast Software Configuration Management system.
Acquired by Telelogic from Continuus Software in December 2000, CM Synergy was named the most advanced change and configuration management system on the market by Yphise in its latest industry report entitled, "Application Change Management for NT and UNIX - A Software Evaluation Report." DCM is an optional component that extends Telelogic CM Synergy to the distributed enterprise, enabling teams in separate locations to efficiently collaborate and communicate as they work on common software components.
ADM and Infra are a perfect match in delivering a federated configuration management system solution with best-in-class discovery.
Perforce Software Inc, has announced the latest release of its software configuration management system, Perforce 2004.2.
To ensure that each LAV has customized support, IETMs pull content directly from a configuration management system, giving crew members the ability to see the information related to their specific vehicle configuration and any modifications or planned modifications for an individual LAV.
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