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12) The conflict model exists and thrives as well as the complementary approach, with a wide range of complex interactions in between.
Zein, "Traffic conflict models and standards for signalized and unsignalized intersections," in Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, pp.
There are useful models available in the literature one could build on to model the same issue, such as the conflict models of Grossman (1991) and Blomberg et al.
These eating and word-rating results are consistent with the 'Goal Conflict Model of Eating' (Kruglanski et al., 2002; Stroebe et al., 2008) among restrained eaters in the gourmet condition.
According to the great-power conflict model, rising powers are invariably spoilers, hell-bent on revising the international order.
The result presented in this study shows that career consequence, a dimension of work and family supportive culture, plays a similar role in a family-work conflict model. Employees who perceive high career consequence are likely to avoid using work-family friendly policies in managing family demands.
When it comes to HIV/AIDS, the cultural conflict model associates attitudes toward PLWHA with individuals' prejudiced attitudes toward homosexuality, as has been evidenced in various research studies (Brecher, 1988; D'Angelo, McGuire, Abbott, & Sheridan, 1998; Rogers, Dearing, & Chang, 1991; Beharrell, 1998; Lupton, 1992; Traquina, 1996; Johnson, Flora, & Rimal, 1997; Triplet & Sugarman, 1987).
The armed conflict model is primarily governed by the law of war.
In a series of studies over last 15 years, Tjosvold and his colleagues have utilized a variety of research methods (experiments, interviews, critical incidents, questionnaires) to explore the applicability of the constructive conflict model to various groups of people (college students, business executives, workers) in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and other Chinese societies.
By universalizing the conflict model, the two sides in the Palestine/Israel conflict become the same as any two sides in any masculinised, binarised opposition and the imbalance of power is not addressed ('murderous Islam' faces 'deadly Zionism').
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