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CPPBCertified Professional Public Buyer
CPPBContinuous Positive-Pressure Breathing
CPPBConflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
CPPBCane Protection and Productivity Board (sugar cane industry; Australia)
CPPBCareer Program Planning Board
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We have been given a mandate by the resolutions to explore alternative and creative financing options for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
Foreign Minister of Sweden Margot Wallstrm said: Our commitment to the sustaining peace agenda must be backed by sufficient investments in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
Project details :In 2010, the Government of Timor-Leste established the Department of Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion (DPBSC) which is the part of the conflict prevention and peacebuilding portfolio within the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
Objective: This proposal seeks to enhance the capabilities of the EU for implementing conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions through sustainable, comprehensive and innovative civilian means.
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