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While noting his "many concerns" about the rule, Piwowar pointed to two other trouble spots: The rule "is dismissive of the efficacy of conflict of interest disclosure, a view that runs contrary to decades of Commission experience; and fails sufficiently to distinguish Cyselling' activities from Cyadvice' activities, undermining the Commission's longstanding approach to regulation of broker-dealers and investment advisors."
Conflict of Interest Disclosure: The authors did not receive financial support from any firm or person for this paper or from any firm or person with a financial or political interest in this paper.
"A conflict of interest disclosure document is created as an addendum with the engagement agreement.
Her key areas of responsibility will include expense disclosure, conflict of interest disclosure within the public service, strengthening the Code of Conduct and Oath of Office, and identifying and overseeing the implementation of new provisions to maintain and strengthen public confidence in the work of government.
"A Common Standard for Conflict of Interest Disclosure" is posted at
Merrill Goozner, CSPI Integrity in Science director, called on the editors to strengthen their conflict of interest disclosure policies by requiring authors to declare all financial conflicts of interest, including patents and patent applications; and to impose a three-year ban on authors who fail to disclose any financial conflicts from publishing in the journals for three years.
of Education); and (6) Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (Central Michigan University).
In a letter to EHP, Goozner (2004) stated that Only 2 of the studies indicated they were funded by industry, and 2 studies included conflict of interest disclosure statements for at least some of the authors....
More importantly, half of the authors happen to have financial relationships related to the natural product that is the subject of the research investigation study (notably, no conflict of interest disclosure is made by any of the authors, nor is it a policy of this journal).
For professional organizations in bioethics, transparency will mean a commitment to candidly addressing the ethics of bioethics and to establishing meaningful conflict of interest disclosure requirements for speakers at conferences and in publications.
“Committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers, ConvergePoint believes in constantly taking a proactive approach to help organizations address their compliance needs and streamline their processes,” said ConvergePoint's Chief SharePoint Architect Aju Koshy, “and the introduction of our Conflict of Interest Disclosure Software is the next step in working towards these goals.”
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