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CSLMConfocal Scanning Laser Microscopy
CSLMCoarsening of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
CSLMCollege of Surveying and Land Management (Hungary)
CSLMCenter for Spanish Language Media (University of North Texas, Denton, TX)
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Part II--Product quality: Rapid techniques for analysing food additives and micronutrients; Detecting genetically-modified ingredients; In line sensors for food process monitoring and control; Measurement of added water in foodstuffs: Spectroscopic techniques for analysing raw material quality; Using spectroscopic techniques to monitor food composition; Confocal scanning laser microscopy (CSLM) for monitoring food composition; Using electronic noses to assess food quality; Rapid olfaction arrays for determining fish quality; On line analysis and control of product quality.
New techniques of crack detection using confocal scanning laser microscopy, methods of fatigue life calculation using power spectral density function, new fatigue and crack-growth analysis methodologies in the aircraft industry, and the use of energy-critical plane-based damage parameters in evaluating damage and durability of micro-sized silicon components are some of the methods discussed.