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where cwnd is the congestion window. Like in basic TCP, swnd is normally defined by cwnd.
Each subflow r[member of]R maintains its own congestion window [w.sub.r] and [w.sub.r] represents the value at equilibrium.
Figure 1 demonstrates how the modification of congestion window growth factor in the Slow-start phase saves round trips required to finish flows.
These policies use different parameters such as congestion window and loss rate to decide the path for the transmission of the data.
This method tries to estimate the approximate bandwidth to set the congestion window size.
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When a packet is dropped or lost, congestion window size is reduced to 1 and TCP enters the slow-start phase again.
When a sender receives an ACK with the ECE bit, it reduces its congestion window as for a packet drop.
Hence, the projected work eliminated needless congestion window which drops and decrease forged retransmissions.
In addition, the inverted MKB heuristic includes response y11 (congestion window size), which can be interpreted to provide a duplicate response representing congestion.
The congestion window is not increased or decreased by a fixed value but in relation to the current congestion window size.