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"There are only 678 federal trial judges in the system, but there are 9,200 state judges in courts of general jurisdiction," said Jillian Aldebron, counsel and communications coordinator for Public Citizen's Congress Watch, a citizen watchdog group.
`The revolving door between the White House and K Street has made the Bush administration indistinguishable from the industry,' said Craig Aaron, senior researcher for Public Citizen's Congress Watch and lead author of its report.
(3) America's Other Drug Problem: A Briefing Book on the Rx Drug Debate, prepared by Public Citizen's Congress Watch, at:
"During a year in which there was much talk of sacrifice in the national interest, drug companies increased their profits by hiking prescription prices, advertising some medicines more than Nike shoes and successfully lobbying for lucrative monopoly patent extensions," charges Frank Clemente, director of the group's Congress Watch.
Frank Clemente Director, Public Citizen's Congress Watch Washington, DC
Frank Clemente, director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch in Washington, D.C., calls the new law a multibillion dollar giveaway to the drug industry.
The House Committee on the Judiciary, chaired by Henry Hyde, also heard impassioned testimony against the bill from a representative of Public Citizen's Congress Watch. Thomas Bantle argued that workers' compensation laws allow for only partial recovery from employers--"usually only medical costs and limited disability payments to cover lost wages"--and that injured workers ought to be allowed to sue for compensation for non-economic damages regardless of the age of the equipment.
She created Public Citizen's lobbying arm, Congress Watch, in 1973, to push for legislation on health, safety, and consumer protection.
"It's one thing for industry to urge Congress to change a law," says Michael Calabrese, director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch. "It's quite another for Congress to turn over its law-writing duties to industry."
While Common Cause, People for The American Way, Congress Watch, The Communitarian Network, and practically all other reform-minded groups strongly oppose the unlimited flow of private money into the coffers of elected officials in the form of campaign contributions to politicians, the ACLU maintains that the flow should go on uninhibited on the ground that "money is speech." In effect, it accepts and legitimizes the self-serving arguments of special interest groups that use PACs to sway legislators--that this money gives citizens opportunities to participate in democratic politics.
Once in office he had White House aide Michael Waldman, a former director of Ralph Nader's Congress Watch, devise a promising reform plan.
"My sense is that no one at the White House is really working on it now," said Pam Gilbert of Public Citizen's Congress Watch. Gilbert used to work with Waldman at Public Citizen, where he opposed NAFTA.
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