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Mythic heroes appeared within the trappings of war (Admiral Nelson), the aftermath of the French Revolution (Napoleon), and the monarchs that assembled in 1814 for the Congress of Vienna (chief among them, Kaiser Franz, who was immortalized not only through Haydn's Gott erhalte, but also in sculpture, allegorical paintings, and a host of musical references).
Wilson's antipathy towards the Congress of Vienna was deep-seated.
The Congress of Vienna imposed a peace on France and Napoleon's allies by doing much more than reestablishing something like the eighteenth century European balance of power.
The outbreak of the First World War one hundred years ago this summer began the definitive unravelling of the security system created at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, a process which continued across the ensuing century through two world wars, the creation of the European Union and most recently the dismemberment of Ukraine at the hands of Russia.
First, there is the nineteenth-century nationalism that found expression in the unification of Germany in 1871 and the unification of Italy in the same year; that was manifested in the independence struggles of South American states (which Conrad touches on in Nostromo by evoking the figures of Bolivar and Garibaldi); and, in its imperialistic aspect, was the motive force behind the Congress of Vienna of 1814-15 and the First World War.
Wells; 2 Flower arranging; 3 Sue Lawley; 4 Puerto Rico; 5 The pangolin; 6 The Congress of Vienna; 7 Esparto grass; 8 The Parthenon; 9 Ted; 10 France.
The Hapsburg Empire that once dominated Central Europe is long gone but its spirit survives in Vienna's Erste Bank, Austria's largest lender whose pedigree goes back to after the Napoleonic wars and the Congress of Vienna. Erste Bank owns 30 per cent of the retail banking market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two of the most stable, liquid, low banking penetration markets in Europe, apart from its dominant franchise in Austria.
of conflicts across borders, withdrawal of investors, economic decline, collapse of the few stable regimes that remain, and similar problems could produce just the kind of void that came with the collapse of the Congress of Vienna. And as we know, new institutions did not emerge in Europe until two massive conflicts later.
That's the way it has always been for big powers since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when the so-called Great Powers, as they were known then, met in the Austrian capital to create the Concert of Europe, whose goal was to keep the peace on the continent and settle the many issues arising from the Napoleonic Wars.
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