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CESTCentral European Summer Time (GMT+0200)
CESTCentral Excise and Service Tax (India)
CESTCentral European Standard Time
CESTCentral European Summer Time
CESTCommission de l'Ethique de la Science et de la Technologie (Science and Technology Ethics Committee; Quebec, Canada)
CESTConnection Established
CESTCondensing-Extraction Steam Turbine (power generation)
CESTChemical Exchange Saturation Transfer
CESTConference on Environmental Science and Technology
CESTCyber Emergency Support Team (various organizations)
CESTClient Evaluation of Self and Treatment (Criminal Justice)
CESTChina Energy Savings Technology
CESTCorrosion Engineering, Science and Technology
CESTChemical Exchange Dependent Saturation Transfer
CESTCommunity Environmental Service Teams
CESTCapacity for Engineering Systems Thinking
CESTCampus Environmental Sustainability Team
CESTCenter for Ethics of Science and Technology
CESTContingency Exploitation Support Team
CESTCombined Extrudate Swell and Temperature
CESTCentre of Electrochemical Surface Technology
CESTClinical Experiences and Student Teaching (Northern Illinois University)
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In fact, the connection established in 1963 was for written communications only.
From the simplest landline that could be used only through the connection established by an operator, we were then able to communicate automatically.
He highlighted that connection established by Chitrasena and Vajira with India has continued to flourish and mentioned a remarkable recent collaboration between the Chitrasena Dance Company and Nrityagram, an Indian Dance Ensemble in putting together a joint production " Samhara" which received rave reviews in India, Sri Lanka, USA and elsewhere.
There's no display other than the blinking blue lights, which indicate battery on and connection established, but the sounds provide all the guidance you need for the functions.
If there is only an emotional connection established between the audience and the work, you cannot reach the level of consciousness.
What's more, homeowners, who subsequently fall delinquent tend to cure at a much faster rate due to the positive connection established during the program's outreach and enrollment cycle.
offers an exploration of how the literature of domestic policing influences international politics with a particular focus on the connection established by the police between the state, capital, and legitimate violence and between the police and racial inequalities.
Most of the story is revealed though flashbacks and as such, there is little emotional connection established with the characters.
From the moment a ninth-grade student enters Blue Hills, there is a direct connection established between his or her education and military, employment or postsecondary experience; this includes apprentice programs, licensure programs, and two-, three- and four-year college programs.
When the device detects an accident it calls a PSAP, transmits the vehicle location and other data, and leaves a voice connection established.
Haley Veterans medical Center have been linked via a private, secure Internet connection established by Agfa Healthcare.
Second, these treatises on women's virtue and intellect span the entire seventeenth century and more, in an almost unbroken link to one another, including the lateral connection established in dedications and prefaces between noblewomen and their liegewomen and the link made from the homage paid by some noble and bourgeois women to their female authorial antecedents.
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