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CPRSCarbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (Australia)
CPRSCanadian Public Relations Society
CPRSComputerized Patient Record System
CPRSCertified Peer Recovery Specialist (various locations)
CPRSComplex Regional Pain Syndrome (chronic pain condition)
CPRSCloud Profiling Radar System (University of Massachusetts)
CPRSConners' Parent Rating Scale (behavioral science)
CPRSConditional Permanent Resident Status (various locations)
CPRSCalifornia Park and Recreation Society
CPRSCoupe avec Protection de la Régénération et des Sols (French: Cutting with Regeneration and Soil Protection; timber management)
CPRSCoalition to Preserve Retirement Security (Alexandria, VA)
CPRSConnecticut Paranormal Research Society (est. 1995)
CPRSContract Payment Reporting System (Canada)
CPRSComprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale
CPRSClient Profile Registration System (Philippines)
CPRSCenter for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (Ann Arbor, MI and Orlando, FL)
CPRSCertified Post Rehabilitation Specialist (National Strength Professionals Association certification)
CPRSCentre for Paranormal Research and Study (London, England, UK)
CPRSColorado Plateau Research Station (USGS; Flagstaff, AZ)
CPRSCenter Place Restoration School (est. 1991; Independence, MO)
CPRSChicago Paranormal Research Society (Illinois)
CPRSColumn Parity Row Selection (computer science)
CPRSCanadian Performing Rights Society (now Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada)
CPRSCerebral Palsy Register for Scotland (UK)
CPRSCzech Pattern Recognition Society (est. 1992)
CPRSCommon Problem Reporting System (US Navy)
CPRSCutting with Protection of Regeneration and Soils (logging industry)
CPRSCentre Provincial de Référence en Stérilisation (French: Regional Centre of Reference in Sterilization; Canada)
CPRSCentre for Physical Recreation and Sport (Newcastle University; UK)
CPRSComposite Performance Rating System (various organizations)
CPRSCenter for Political Research and Studies (Cairo University)
CPRSCity Performance Rating System
CPRSContractor Performance Reporting System (US DoD)
CPRSCornell Presidential Research Scholar (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
CPRSCarolina Paranormal Research Society
CPRSCentre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences (National Islamic University; India)
CPRSCertified Public Relations Specialist
CPRSChesterfield Physique Recreation & Sports (UK)
CPRSContemporary Political Reform Society
CPRSChild Protection Referral System (Child Protection Network)
CPRSCleveland Paranormal Research Society (Ohio)
CPRSCommand Procurement Reporting System
CPRSCorrectional Personnel Rating Scale (behavioral science)
CPRSComprehensive Payment Recovery Service, Inc. (Bellevue, WA)
CPRSCorporate Performance Review System
CPRSChinese Predicate Recognition System (open-source project)
CPRSCentral PA Rehabilitation Services Inc (Pennsylvania)
CPRSCrime Prevention and Response Systems (BelAir Networks)
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Parents completed the Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRS), and teachers completed the Conners' Teacher Rating Scale (1619).
Conners' Parent Rating Scale (1997), Ways of Coping Questionnaire (Folkman and Lazarus, 1989), Parental Stress Index (Abidin, 1995), and Couples Satisfaction Index (Funk and Rogge, 2007) were administered to collect the data.
The revised Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRSR): Factor structure, reliability, and criterion validity.
Training effects were explored using both neuropsychological tests (Stroop color-word test, Rey-Osterrieth complex figure test, trail making test, tower of Hanoi, and false-belief task) and reports of daily life (ADHD rating scale-IV, Conners' parent rating scale, and behavior rating inventory of executive function [BRIEF]) by analysis of paired sample t-test and Wilcoxon signed-rank test.
Others used methods such as the Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRS) and parent-reported learning difficulties [26-28].
Material and Methods: The Child Behavior Checklist for ages 4-18 years (CBCL/4-18), Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRS), Conners' Teacher Rating Scale (CTRS-R), and The Turgay DSM-IV Based Child and Adolescent Behavior Disorders Screening and Rating Scale, clinician and parent forms (T-DSM-IV-S) were given to the caregivers and teachers of 31 children with SCD aged between 7-18 years and the caregivers and teachers of 34 age matched controls with iron-deficiency anemia.
Secondary efficacy measures included the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Scale IV, the Clinical Global Impressions-Improvement, the Parent Global Assessment, and the Conners' Parent Rating Scale.
Parents also reported their assessments of ADHD symptoms by completing the Conners' Parent Rating Scale at baseline and at the conclusion of the study.
Conners' Parent Rating Scale. The Conners' Parent Rating Scale-Revised, Short Form (CPRS-R:S), is a 27-item behavior rating scale used to assess areas of attention, conduct, cognition, hyperactivity, and global symptoms of ADHD in children aged 3 to 17 years old (Conners, 2000).
The third outcome measure of individual change was the Conners' Rating Scales, which has comparable scales for teacher and parent: the Conners' Teacher Rating Scale (CTRS-39) and the Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRS-48; Conners, 1990), later revised (Conners, 1997).