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"The yellow men from the east and north are contesting our rights here now," said the colonel, "but we shall win--we shall conquer the world, carrying Christianity to all the benighted heathen of Europe, and Asia as well."
"The institution of Senatorial Privilege enabled the Roman Republic to conquer the world. The Senate preserved the tradition of authority.
The main body of the British-Indian air-fleet perished upon a pyre of blazing antagonists in Burmah; the Germans were scattered in the great battle of the Carpathians; the vast peninsula of India burst into insurrection and civil war from end to end, and from Gobi to Morocco rose the standards of the "Jehad." For some weeks of warfare and destruction it seemed as though the Confederation of Eastern Asia must needs conquer the world, and then the jerry-built "modern" civilisation of China too gave way under the strain.
Long we talked that last morning in his laboratory; and when I turned to go, he put his unseen hand in mine with nervous grip, and said, "Now I shall conquer the world!" And I could not dare to tell him of Paul Tichlorne's equal success.
Cricketer Lara also spoke about how being tenacious helped him conquer the world of cricket.
The programme's executive producer Steven Moffat said: "Last November The Doctor didn't just conquer the world on television, he did it in the cinemas too.
The London-born star said that she had fought to get her collaboration with RnB star Brandy, a song entiled Conquer the World, on to the album.
London, Dec 19 (ANI): David Hasselhoff has said that even at the age of 59 he feels 20 years old and is raring to conquer the world.
Planetoid isn't just out to conquer Worcester; it's out to conquer the world. These extraterrestrial rockers perform a unique blend of metal and blues, with an ever-present industrial overtone that nods to their outer space origins. Launches "Conquer the World" Sweepstakes.
Walking With The Wounded, which aims to raise pounds 2 million for other wounded servicemen and women, plans to conquer the world's highest mountain in May next year.
The bookies think it is a foregone conclusion - they make the Hayemaker no better than 1-6 to keep his belt - but Harrison sees it as his destiny to conquer the world and he has had plenty of support from punters who think he can shock Haye and finally realise his ambition.