CONRContinental United States NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Region
CONRConnected Name Identification Restriction (telecommunications)
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DEVIATION INV 143.01 49.72 636.54 2.22 174.24 PGDP 29.06 20.59 79.43 3.28 23.54 CONR 19.18 20.00 24.00 10.00 4.64 URB 11.22 9.95 22.13 3.65 5.80 DEPR 6.56 6.34 8.23 6.09 0.54 OAGES 3.98 3.66 5.67 3.27 0.62 FERT 3.25 3.45 4.87 1.96 0.85 CPW 2.48 2.77 4.91 0.64 1.21 TABLE 2.
CONR is presently divided into two defence sectors: the Western Defense Sector, with its headquarters located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State; and the Eastern Defense Sector, with its headquarters located at Rome, New York.
(First Air Force), and CONR, Disaster Management Protocols, 12.
North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, known as CONR, is responsible for a large percentage of these Operation Noble Eagle missions and represents a substantial contribution to homeland air defense.
Tickers featured: ABT, BSX, CONR, EW, GERN, JNJ, MDT, SGMO.
Jones argues that women occupy "a valid position in his fiction" and that Conr ad does speak to women readers (7-8).
As a result Brendan Conr, a non-executive director the hospital, called for an gent meeting to search for solution.
Tickers featured: ACL, AGN, AMO, BOL, BSX, CONR, EW, EYE, ILSE, JNJ, MDT, STJ.
Tickers featured: BAS, CONR, CSCO, GE, HOLX, I, JNPR, RBAK, SI.